Eyes of Justice

A Career Crime Fighter Battles Corruption . . . and Blindness
A Memoir
By James Cabezas
With Joan Jacobson

"For aficionados of Maryland's robust culture of organized crime, disorganized crime and political culture, the memoir of legendary investigator Jimmy Cabezas arrives to occupy some essential space. From his early undercover work on Baltimore's Block, the red-light district once home to gambling czars and burlesque queens, to his long campaign with the Maryland State Prosecutor's Office and investigations of corrupt politicians -- up to and including Baltimore's mayor -- Cabezas provides an honest insider's view on the quotidian, unending and always unfinished battle for clean government."

David Simon, executive produce The Wire, The Deuce

Despite a childhood affliction that left James Cabezas with the grim knowledge that he might one day go blind, he led a courageous career in law enforcement for more than four decades.

With his vision intact, Jim proudly wore a police uniform, tracking drug dealers, thieves, and an armed robber in the precarious days before Baltimore cops wore bullet proof vests. He performed his duty relentlessly, despite interference from corrupt, racist and inept cops.

While the world’s finest eye doctors kept him from going blind, Jim worked as a deep covert, driving a cab in Baltimore’s notorious red-light district. ­­In a city plagued with gun violence, he wore no firearm - or even a concealed wire- to hunt for mob bosses, while befriending strip club owners and prostitutes.

When he finally got his gun back - after resurfacing as a detective - Jim could no longer see well enough to shoot.  Ever resourceful, he became Maryland’s first investigator of political corruption.

Jim needed no gun to catch councilmen and sheriffs robbing campaign coffers, a county executive coercing police to conceal his sexual escapades, businessmen stealing millions from school funds, a judge and a gubernatorial aid taking bribes, and Baltimore’s comptroller swindling the city through a fake employee. 

With his eyesight deteriorating, Jim defied a government doctor who ordered him to stop working. Instead, he got a talking computer. After he went completely blind he investigated a popular mayor for theft and perjury. Despite public outcry against the inquiry, the mayor was convicted and forced to resign.

Eyes of Justice is a memoir of one man’s faith and devotion to duty who refused to be defined by his disability.

Jim Cabezas on Baltimore's Block 2018 Author Jim Cabezas